Angular gotcha: ng-app=”myApp” (named applications)

Angular is magical. The magic starts happening simply like so: <html ng-app> <script src=”angular.min.js”></script> There are {{ 1 + 2 }} apples in the basket. </html> Which outputs: There are 3 apples in the basket. However, when the magic stops you could be left tearing your hair out finding the correct potion! For example, if […]

inlineEdit and AngularJS

Recently I used the inlineEdit plugin with a project that uses AngularJS. As the inlineEdit plugin only handles switching between non-editable and editable views and exposes the save/cancel actions it was pretty easy to integrate. What I ended up doing was wrap the inlineEdit plugin with a Directive that implements the ngModelController API. Take a […]

OT: Technology – Blessing or Woe?

Technological advances in human history is something to marvel and be proud of. From the first wheel to the first car; from winged bicycles to grand passenger aircrafts; from the Tower of Babel to the Burj Khalifa,┬áman has reached high and low, far and wide – aiming for perfection. These advances obviously bring with it […]

Reverse Inline Editing

I want to throw this out there as I’m wondering if anyone is interested in a different approach to making HTML elements editable… I recently wrote some code that does the reverse of what my existing inlineEdit plugin does. i.e. it starts of as a form input element and turns into a placeholder on load. […]

jQHK: A study of the Parallax Effect

In our recent jQuery HK meetup we explored the technic behind the parallax effect using Nike Better World as a reference for our live coding session. The core idea of the effect is: bind each section, sprite and background to the window scroll event record the original offset of the element divide the scroll position […]