Learning Ruby

For a recent project I had to learn RoR (Ruby on Rails). After looking into this whole new arena to web development I am very impressed by its rapid web development framework. Honestly, you can quickly create a prototype application in just a few lines of code!

Here are a few resources I found useful whilst learning Ruby:

  • Check out radrails. A cross-platform IDE for developing Rails projects
  • Tortoise SVN. A Subversion for Windows. Radrails integrates very well with this.
  • Ruby on Rails HowTos. Quick and dirty guides on common problems/tasks.
  • Ruby-Docs. For those who want to know everything about Ruby!

To get on the bandwagon decided to get a book to kick start the learning. A quick search on Amazon landed me on “Pragmatic Programmers – Programming Ruby, 2nd Ed”. Apparently this is THE definitive book! A must have! I only recently moved to Hong Kong. It’s a great city. It has everything a modern citizen would need from good food to endless entertainment… BUT… I could not seem to find a single good English bookstore!!! I’d admit, I haven’t been here long enough to assert the above statement as true. Though I’m going to the Page One store in Festival Walk tomorrow to find out.

In the UK there is no shortage of good bookstores. We even take them for granted, sometimes, turning them into caf├ęs and tourist attractions.

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