Interesting CSS websites

I recently came across two very interesting CSS websites, CSSplay and CSS3.infoCSSplay is totally amazing, it’s a real eye opener on what could be achieved with pure CSS madness. It contains useful implementations of CSS2 rounded corners, drop down menus, CSS image gallery and even drawing with CSS! on the other hand is not […]

Proof that IE6 is crap

I have more than often had to fire-up IE6 out from the “un-loved” software repository to get kicked right back in the face with weird CSS bugs. I believe those reading this must be aware of at least one CSS quirk in the IE6 browser. For example, the PNG Alpha Transparency bug, fixed by Microsoft’s […]

CSS Drop Down Menus

Recently, I’ve been having fun creating pure* CSS drop down menus for Lemon, see: example 1, example 2 . These things really get the brain juices going. These menus are fully Accessible and supports IE6, IE7, Firefox, Flock, Opera, Netscape 8 and Safari. I’m going to keep at improving the code to make it re-usable, […]