@font-face reloaded

@font-face is W3C’s answer to font embedding. It was introduced as a CSS2 standard but later dropped in CSS2.1. You might remember the font embedding hype 2 or 3 years ago that just died off silently. The problem with @font-face at the time was the inconsistency of implementation across browsers, even the font type could not be agreed upon. It’s an ingenious idea none-the-less hence its new and improved self is back in force for CSS3!**Nowadays it’s trendier, or should I say sexier, to show whose daddy by being most compliant rather than inventing propriety extensions to kill off the competition. A prime example is the launch of IE7, a great improvement from IE6 by the way. We’re seeing a new twist in Microsoft’s approach to browser development. No longer is it the Microsoft way that all should follow but they’re finally kneeling to the W3C god and listening to what we want! So this time round I’m adamant. When browsers do finally support @font-face again, which would probably be many years from now, it would be much closer to standard and more importantly – work! Finally could we bin the alternatives like FIR, sIFR and dynamic text replacement techniques.

**Web fonts are still in W3C Working Draft so there’s no guarantee that @font-face will definately be back in force!

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