Hong Kong soon a “Wi-Fi city”

The Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, Henry Tang, announced his 2007-08 Budget last week. He stated that due to Hong Kong’s economic growth and excess revenue amounted from previous years the Government is adding measures to give back to its people, one of which is to invest HK$210 million (GBP 13.8 million) to provide free Wi-Fi access in public libraries, parks and government venues. There are about 1,000 free hotspots in HK currently and it’s estimated that with this new investment it will increase to about 3,000!** On top of this Hong Kong has no shortage of premium serviced and non-government hotspots such as those you get at Starbucks and Pacific Coffee. Additionally PCCW launched its free Wi-Fi service at Chek Lap Kok Airport a.k.a. Hong Kong Int. Airport earlier this year with 100% coverage of the terminal.Soon, a Wi-Fi hotspot will never be more than a short walk away, Work from home would soon mean Work from Anywhere to me!

Time to find a comfy hotspot! Hotspot hunting here I come!

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**Statistics according to the 24-hour ATV news channel therefore accuracy is not verified; you know what the media is like!

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