Rails-like PHP Framework

There are two Rails-like PHP frameworks gaining momentum and amounting a zealous following, both of which have recently gone stable.Symfony and CakePHP, written in pure PHP follow the same MVC (Model, View, Constroller) architecture found on Rails. They’ve gone at lengths to make it easy and intuitive to use and provide scaffolding tools, buit-in AJAX support and I18n support. The good news for PHP developers is that you only need to learn a new framework not a whole new language! Believe me, I’ve been there and done that. At one point I was learning Ruby on Rails, I’ve even got the book to prove it! I’d love to start learning it again though, but as with all things, free time is a priviledge I do not have.

Last but not least, there is the Zend Framework. Though it’s still in preview release it’s set to become the best PHP framework of all time and will change the way we PHP developers build web applications. From what I’ve heard it’s aimed at being Rails-like too and requires PHP 5. It promises to be all things and cater for everyone. I’ve got my eyes set on this one!

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