Semantic URLs gone bad!?!

Semantic URLs, also known as Friendly URLs, are human readable URLs that would otherwise be a list of query string parameters with meaningless ID’s. Semantic URLs are a good thing but could it be too good to the point of turning bad? I’ve been mulling over the use of Semantics in URLs for a while. […]

Rediscovering the button element

I recently came across an article on about rediscovering the button element. This article takes you through an example of how the button element was used to deliver buttons that look exactly the same across all major browsers, including Safari 2. If you’re still using the input element for buttons then I’d recommend reading […]

BarCamp Hong Kong

The BarCamp tide has finally reached the shores of Hong Kong. The first ever BarCamp Hong Kong event will be held at, a no more fitting venue than, Yahoo!’s offices in Causeway bay on 15th December 2007. See you there!

Dojo 1.0 Released!

Today marked the release of Dojo 1.0. A critical milestone in what must be one of the most powerful JavaScript toolkits out there to date. I’m especially excited with Dojo’s Accessibility support and native 2D and 3D vector graphics engine. Read the official Dojo 1.0 Press Release and check in on the latest about Dojo […]