Today at BarCamp

I had a great time at the Yahoo! offices today. It was great to see such a lively crowd. Following the spirit of BarCamp this turned out to be another great event. My talk was about 7 Ways To Write “Better” HTML, +7 ways it will benefit your online business, a bit of a mouthful, I know. The talk started out good and just when I was gaining confidence, Chris Heilmann sat in on the talk! That’s when the nerves kicked in and I was mixing words not thinking straight. It’s hard not to feel inferior infront of such a knowledgable figure. Anyway, I managed to prod along and before we knew it time was up! Phew!


  1. Oh dear, I am so sorry! Me coming there was not meant at all to discourage you from going on! It was rude enough to come in late. Very sorry about that!

    Don't ever get impressed or discouraged by someone in the audience that you think knows more, it is much more important to help the ones you want to reach.

    Your presentation was great, you covered all the important aspects. You got a bit stuck with explaining the resources you chose, next time just get your good points through and offer the resources in the end.

    Again, sorry, don't ever hold back!

  2. caphun at

    Thanks for the encouraging words and good advice Chris. I will definitely heed your words if I ever take up the challenage of presenting again.

    Sorry for making you say sorry so many times. Your presence and participation in the session was actually a reinforcement to my message, which I appreciate very much. :)