Loving jQuery

In recent weeks I have come to love jQuery. jQuery is this lightweight, elegant and so-much-fun-to-code-with JavaScript library. You may already have it in your source code if you’re using either the latest version of WordPress or Drupal. jQuery is so easy to get to grips with, the documentation is simple to follow and complete […]

Taming the SharePoint Beast

SharePoint is a strange beast. It’s not a particularly inspiring piece of software, neither has it been built with usability in mind. Microsoft being Microsoft put much hype into it promising world domination for CEO’s whilst neglecting the web professionals cry for better usability! At dConstruct 2007, Jared Spool in his talk on “The Dawning […]

High Performance Ajax Applications

Julien Lecomte, author of the YUI Compressor gave a talk on High Performance Ajax Applications. He refers to some of the tricks we learnt from Steve Souders’ research on the 14 rules for faster-loading web sites but also gives us more insight specifically on fine tuning JavaScript to perform up a gear. I hope you […]

IE8 Version Targeting good for Browser Testing

If this is the first you’ve heard of Microsoft’s proposed version targeting feature for IE8 I highly recommend doing some read up on it as this is destined to affect every internet professional in some way or another. Go read Microsoft’s announcement, then these two ALA articles, Beyond DOCTYPE and it’s companion “From Switches to […]