WordPress 2.5 Released!

Codenamed “Brecker”, is a milestone release with a tone of improvements.

They have totally revamped the Admin area. It looks much slicker now and the publishing process feels much more pleasant, it wasn’t even bad before! But it has improved ten-folds with more Web 2.0 goodness.

I’m especially excited about the new stuff they have added. With the Media library you can now create a gallery in any post/page using the new Shortcode API. Visitors can comment on your photos. The gallery display is a bit bland though, but I think they did this on purpose as gallery display is something the Template should handle. I can see many Lightbox2 for WordPress plugins popping up very soon!

WordPress is fast becoming a more viable CMS solution in general due to the introduction of the Media Library and a better publishing interface. The Shortcode API also gives developers ability to directly inject PHP code into content areas allowing for more sophisticated displays and embedded widget add-ons.

I haven’t talked about this before, but the Portfolio area on this site is actually a WordPress plugin. It’s a pain to manage as it uses XML for data storage and XSL to transform the data into what you see. When I get some time I hope to build a more robust Portfolio plugin leveraging WordPress’ new features so I no longer have to mess around with XML, FTP and image resizing!

You can read more about the release at WordPress.org

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