Targeting Safari 3

Found this CSS hack for Safari 3 today which can be handy from time to time: @media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0){ /* Safari 3 specific styles go here */ } Most of the time if something looks good in Firefox 2 there’s a 99% chance it will in Safari 3 too. So use this hack sparingly […]

Unsecured WiFi

Free WiFi is everywhere now. Most coffee shops in central London have one; you can even get it at McDonald’s in Regent street. But next time you’re accessing free and open WiFi aka unsecured WiFi; STOP and think for a second. Consider the following: Do you have anything in your shared / network folders that […]


Jeremiah Owyang‘s post on Email Consumes Us gives us food for thought on the ever changing tide of communication. Email can become very unmanageable it seems; although only last year many were singing its praises saying that Email is the best invention and all good web applications basically mirror an Email architecture. So if Email […]