FON Free WiFi

I’m sure you will agree this is nothing new but I’ve been intrigued by the FON Free WiFi service for quite some time, just never got round to sharing my thoughts. With the recent horror stories about wireless mobile subscribers racking up thousands of dollars in mobile data charges I thought I’d finally blog a […]

Microsoft to adopt jQuery

Some exciting news just came out — Microsoft plans to adopt jQuery making it part of their official development platform. So it will be shipped with Visual Studio and have all that intellisense goodness. I’m pretty excited about this news. Though I no longer use Microsoft development products it is a testiment to the world […]

Another Barcamp bites the dust

Photo: Ryanne Lai Like last year, this years’ Barcamp Hong Kong attracted some amazing people. The sponsors have clearly grown too with big names such as Yahoo!, Adobe and Microsoft added to the pot. Unfortunately I missed most of the morning talks, including the HKSUA launch. I arrived just in time to catch the last […]

The story behind Google Chrome

Niall Kennedy tells us the story behind Google Chrome. A fascinating read and interesting karma behind staff hires and acquisitions that made Chrome possible. Whether by chance or calculation it is a Win win situation for all of us!

Django: cheat sheet

The guys at Mercurytide have released a new Django 1.0 cheat sheet. Thanks guys this will be very handy indeed!