jQuery UI 1.7 released

Today marks the release of jQuery UI 1.6 1.7. Kudos to UI team members who’ve done a fantastic job!

I’m pretty excited not only because I’m now part of this fantastic team but also with where UI is headed and how it has progressed thus far. UI is still pretty young compared to other UI libraries so there is much to learn from the likes of Dojo, ExtJS and YUI – all great frameworks in their own right.

1.7 see’s a total refactor of the UI CSS Framework and ThemeRoller v2. This must be by far the greatest visible improvement in this version of UI. Though it is but one part of the hard work put into this release.

For full details on this release see the official release announcement.

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  1. Looks great Caphun, can't wait to find a project to use it on.