Customizing the WordPress Admin Interface

Six Revisions have an excellent post on how to customize the WordPress admin area.

However I was looking also at a way of removing the Plugin Editor menu and noticed you can’t remove it like you do with the Theme Editor menu because it’s not added via an action. So I added this to my theme’s functions.php:

add_action('_admin_menu', 'remove_plugin_editor_menu', 1);

if ( ! function_exists( 'remove_plugin_editor_menu') ):

function remove_plugin_editor_menu() {
  global $submenu;


It’s very hacky because I’m targetting the index value of the $submenu array. If anyone knows a better way then I’d love to here it!


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  2. Karl Li at

    This a some techy stuff. But it will not that affect use experience. To me, customization is not that important. I value what I can present to my readers. I am just a normal wp user -:)

  3. Just worry that will this customization raise some security issues??