OT: Technology – Blessing or Woe?

Burj Khalifa

Technological advances in human history is something to marvel and be proud of. From the first wheel to the first car; from winged bicycles to grand passenger aircrafts; from the Tower of Babel to the Burj Khalifa, man has reached high and low, far and wide – aiming for perfection. These advances obviously bring with it much prosperity and wealth. The flow of information and speed of travel were unheard of just half a century ago. Humans, as technology advances, are becoming more and more a dominant race reliant on their own creations.

Just 80 years ago if all planes were grounded it would not have caused the havoc we saw during the Icelandic volcanic eruptions resulting in major delays to travellers across the globe as people where left stranded abroad. People rarely took long journeys in mass herds as we do today, some even as a weekly or even daily routine. We are totally at the helm of our creations.

The amount of walking we do has reduced significantly with the mass production of cars and improvements in public transport. It is comparatively harder now to ask someone to walk more than 2 miles for anything unless there is absolutely no alternative to walking. You could argue the amount of daily walk is about the same because the places people lived, worked and played a hundred years ago were in close proximity so the difference now is transport enables us to cover excess milage.

Our increasing reliance on technology is bad for survival instincts as we’re losing vital knowledge on basic skills such as how to start a fire without a matchstick or hunting for food in the wild – basically surviving in general without any form of man made technology.

However, technology is simplifying almost every aspect of daily life, it has become more integral to our daily habits and increasingly immersive. The productivity gains have increased 10 folds and due to this humanity as a whole is evolving at a faster and faster rate.

Technology is God to the masses and we are willingly subjecting ourselves to this deity. I must admit, I have fallen foul to this aswell as I can’t get away from technology!

Just simply imagine life without the Internet? That’s food for thought!

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