I am a web developer & Internet consultant specializing in PHP, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, CSS, Web standards & Accessibility. I started my career at ICU Group as a Graphic designer / Programmer then worked for Crocus as their Senior Web developer. I then joined Lemon Foundation and worked as their Senior Web developer/Producer before going alone in the Big Bad Wilderness Web. I now run a web development shop over at Tofugear.

The one-liner

A meticulous problem solver and perfectionist with a creative flair. Over six year’s industry experience (as of 2006) producing sites to meet web standards and accessibility guidelines.


ZEND002228For those interested in my PHP capabilities. I am also Zend PHP certified – ZCE. Hopefully that’ll give some comfort and piece of mind while reading my PHP related articles.


In my spare time I enjoy browsing the Web, doodling, sleeping and playing Guitar. I love classical music, especially when performed in Solo Guitar. I also enjoy spouts of sporting activity such as badminton or a short walk along the hillside. I am fluent in English & Cantonese and wished I had better Chinese writing skills.


Yelotofu, pronounced as “Yellow Tofu”, is a registered business in Hong Kong. The word itself is a compound word describing my history and upbringing.

Oriental people are usually yellow in complexion and Tofu, a much loved oriental food, is white in colour. I am of Chinese origin yet brought up in the UK and immersed in British culture. My exterior is Yellow yet my interior is White. So Yelotofu is about me, it describes my history, my distinct British accent and unmistakable Chinese looks.

Makes sense doesn’t it? I sure hope so. ;-)

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