Cross browser equal height that works

Since its dawn, CSS has been plagued with the lack of a bullet proof technic to produce equal height columns, boxes and grids. The fortunate few have been able to avoid this problem by “designing for the Web” — no crazy fonts; no equal height. For those unfortunate millions, it isn’t so cut ‘n’ dry. […]

Targeting Safari 3

Found this CSS hack for Safari 3 today which can be handy from time to time: @media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0){ /* Safari 3 specific styles go here */ } Most of the time if something looks good in Firefox 2 there’s a 99% chance it will in Safari 3 too. So use this hack sparingly […]

Oops, stripped too early!

I’m sure no one noticed but Yelotofu got naked for about 1 hour today because the CSS Naked Day plugin I had installed last year thought today was the day to strip off! Well, this years’ CSS Naked Day will be held on the 9th of April. This time Yelotofu will be getting butt naked […]

CSS Diagnostics

What is CSS diagnostics? It’s a method of applying styles to elements in your markup to catch standards compliance issues. A way of ensuring you don’t leave any serious accessibility holes and a visual deterrent for web authors editing pages with diagnostics switched on. Here are some resources I found useful in understanding the practicality […]

7 Ways To Write “Better” HTML

BarCamp came and went, I’m still experiencing the aftermath; making new connections on Facebook daily and checking the BarCamp Hong Kong 2007 Flickr Group constantly for new photos! Anyway, It’s about time I catalogued my talk before it’s too late! The original presentation slide show was created with S5 (a standards compliant and accessible slide […]