Labs: UI inlineEdit

After my last tutorial on building a simple inlineEdit plugin I converted the concepts into a UI widget. It’s now sitting in labs for you to use, pick apart and devour: If you inspect the source code you will notice the structure is quite different. It’s actually pretty much the same functionality wise but […]

jQuery Inline Edit tutorial

Spanish translation by Maria Ramos. A friend recently asked me to review his edit-in-place code which turned out to be a modification of the one found at Reading the tutorial on that page I asked myself how I would do this differently? Defining a global setClickable() function and then calling $(‘#editInPlace”).click() is totally uncool, […]

jQuery UI Spinner update

Sorry for no news these past few months. It’s been very hectic since the new family addition back in Dec which I managed to keep low key. I feel so guilty now for neglecting this blog and my readers (don’t think I have any regulars anyway so I guess nothing missed!), but hey priorities are […]

jQuery UI 1.7 released

Today marks the release of jQuery UI 1.6 1.7. Kudos to UI team members who’ve done a fantastic job! I’m pretty excited not only because I’m now part of this fantastic team but also with where UI is headed and how it has progressed thus far. UI is still pretty young compared to other UI […]

jQuery: how to tell if you’re scroll to bottom?

This is a question a jQuery user asked recently. It’s a simple question without a simple answer. There is no inverse equivalent to scrollTop=0 (i.e. scrollBottom=0) so the solution requires some thought. The scenario is this — we have a fixed height div with overflow:auto and we want to use JavaScript to programmatically scroll to […]