jQuery Cycle and Fullscreen

jQuery Cycle is an excellent plugin and the most extensible jquery plugin I’ve seen thus far. It works surprisingly well and is very accommodating to all sorts of external html/css setups. However there is an itch to scratch when it comes to fullscreen sliding. The Cycle plugin doesn’t quite support this well enough. Fortunately the […]

jQuery Inline Edit tutorial

Spanish translation by Maria Ramos. A friend recently asked me to review his edit-in-place code which turned out to be a modification of the one found at http://docs.jquery.com/Tutorials:Edit_in_Place_with_Ajax. Reading the tutorial on that page I asked myself how I would do this differently? Defining a global setClickable() function and then calling $(‘#editInPlace”).click() is totally uncool, […]

jQuery: Shuffle Plugin

I recently came across a really compact array shuffling function on JSFromHell.com, which I thought would make a nifty jQuery plugin. This jQuery shuffle plugin could be applied to any HTML element or Array object. (function($){ $.fn.shuffle = function() { return this.each(function(){ var items = $(this).children(); return (items.length) ? $(this).html($.shuffle(items)) : this; }); } $.shuffle […]

jQuery: outerHTML

The outerHTML property (IE only) could sometimes be very handy, especially if you’re trying to replace an element entirely. Brandon Aaron has very kindly given us a outerHTML plugin that does half the job as it doesn’t support replacements. The following code snippet fills in the blanks: jQuery.fn.outerHTML = function(s) { return (s) ? this.before(s).remove() […]