7 Ways To Write “Better” HTML

BarCamp came and went, I’m still experiencing the aftermath; making new connections on Facebook daily and checking the BarCamp Hong Kong 2007 Flickr Group constantly for new photos! Anyway, It’s about time I catalogued my talk before it’s too late! The original presentation slide show was created with S5 (a standards compliant and accessible slide […]

Semantic URLs gone bad!?!

Semantic URLs, also known as Friendly URLs, are human readable URLs that would otherwise be a list of query string parameters with meaningless ID’s. Semantic URLs are a good thing but could it be too good to the point of turning bad? I’ve been mulling over the use of Semantics in URLs for a while. […]

Xaraya xlink

Xaraya has a wonderful module called “xlink” which enables cross linking to module items. xlink makes it possible to specify an alternative URL for any module item just by hooking it to that module. What this means for SEO and migration in general is you can now keep your old URLs that bring traffic and […]