FON Free WiFi

I’m sure you will agree this is nothing new but I’ve been intrigued by the FON Free WiFi service for quite some time, just never got round to sharing my thoughts. With the recent horror stories about wireless mobile subscribers racking up thousands of dollars in mobile data charges I thought I’d finally blog a […]

Unsecured WiFi

Free WiFi is everywhere now. Most coffee shops in central London have one; you can even get it at McDonald’s in Regent street. But next time you’re accessing free and open WiFi aka unsecured WiFi; STOP and think for a second. Consider the following: Do you have anything in your shared / network folders that […]

Hong Kong soon a “Wi-Fi city”

The Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, Henry Tang, announced his 2007-08 Budget last week. He stated that due to Hong Kong’s economic growth and excess revenue amounted from previous years the Government is adding measures to give back to its people, one of which is to invest HK$210 million (GBP 13.8 million) to provide free […]