Clearing floats without added markup

When floating an element it is taken out of the document flow. As a result, anything containing the floated element does not take on its width or height. Like most developers, to overcome this problem I applied an extra clearing DIV below the floated element. But this isn’t ideal as it just added more unmeaningful […]

Styling table columns

The Colgroup element has existed for quite some time now. Its purpose is column grouping. It’s also in the class of under used elements. With Colgroup each column can be styled individually in a way similar to how we style table rows. Unfortunately most of todays browsers do not fully support the styling capabilities of […]

CSS Naked Day

In an effort to promote Web Standards, Yelotofu will be stripping off on April 5th for CSS Naked Day. There will be no CSS, no design, no supflourious layouts on this site to distract you from the content.To find out more take a look at the official CSS Naked Day ’07 site. Come on, join […]

@font-face reloaded

@font-face is W3C’s answer to font embedding. It was introduced as a CSS2 standard but later dropped in CSS2.1. You might remember the font embedding hype 2 or 3 years ago that just died off silently. The problem with @font-face at the time was the inconsistency of implementation across browsers, even the font type could […]

Interesting CSS websites

I recently came across two very interesting CSS websites, CSSplay and CSS3.infoCSSplay is totally amazing, it’s a real eye opener on what could be achieved with pure CSS madness. It contains useful implementations of CSS2 rounded corners, drop down menus, CSS image gallery and even drawing with CSS! on the other hand is not […]