inlineEdit and AngularJS

Recently I used the inlineEdit plugin with a project that uses AngularJS. As the inlineEdit plugin only handles switching between non-editable and editable views and exposes the save/cancel actions it was pretty easy to integrate. What I ended up doing was wrap the inlineEdit plugin with a Directive that implements the ngModelController API. Take a […]

jQHK: A study of the Parallax Effect

In our recent jQuery HK meetup we explored the technic behind the parallax effect using Nike Better World as a reference for our live coding session. The core idea of the effect is: bind each section, sprite and background to the window scroll event record the original offset of the element divide the scroll position […]

First steps to using jQuery with CoffeeScript

A colleague recently asked me how you typically write the jQuery DomReady and closure syntaxes with CoffeeScript. It’s actually quite simple but did require a bit of fiddling around to find the right recipe. So I thought I’d share this with you all just in case you’re wondering too! DomReady: # CoffeeScript jQuery ($) -> […]

jQuery Sticky Sidebar

This is something I wrote in a few hours so thought I’d share it with the world. It mimics the sidebar UX seen on Apple and Amazons purchase flows. I tried to keep this as simple as possible. There are two states the plugin determines – Sticky and non-Sticky. When the Sidebar is sticky its […]

jQuery Cycle and Fullscreen

jQuery Cycle is an excellent plugin and the most extensible jquery plugin I’ve seen thus far. It works surprisingly well and is very accommodating to all sorts of external html/css setups. However there is an itch to scratch when it comes to fullscreen sliding. The Cycle plugin doesn’t quite support this well enough. Fortunately the […]