jQuery: Shuffle Plugin

I recently came across a really compact array shuffling function on JSFromHell.com, which I thought would make a nifty jQuery plugin. This jQuery shuffle plugin could be applied to any HTML element or Array object. (function($){ $.fn.shuffle = function() { return this.each(function(){ var items = $(this).children(); return (items.length) ? $(this).html($.shuffle(items)) : this; }); } $.shuffle […]

CSS Drop Down Menus

Recently, I’ve been having fun creating pure* CSS drop down menus for Lemon, see: example 1, example 2 . These things really get the brain juices going. These menus are fully Accessible and supports IE6, IE7, Firefox, Flock, Opera, Netscape 8 and Safari. I’m going to keep at improving the code to make it re-usable, […]