Quick tip: upload_tmp_dir on Win2k

If you are running PHP as a module on a Win2k server remember to set the upload_tmp_dir in your php.ini to a folder that allows the Anonymous Internet User read/write permissions. Otherwise you’d end up with 0.0 byte files when performing PHP uploads…By default the upload_tmp_dir is set to %windir%temp if no value is given. […]

Xaraya xlink

Xaraya has a wonderful module called “xlink” which enables cross linking to module items. xlink makes it possible to specify an alternative URL for any module item just by hooking it to that module. What this means for SEO and migration in general is you can now keep your old URLs that bring traffic and […]

Xaraya import: Optimization problem

I recently created import scripts to migrate a forum containing 25,000 users, 50,000 topics & 650,000 posts to Xaraya. The scripts are based on import_phpBB by mikespub, which comes with the core, found in /tools/import/. After completing modifications to the scripts I did an import but was hit back hard by the speed it took […]