@font-face in IE

An indepth article just out by Jon Tang on how to make @font-face work in IE. A recommended read for all interested in typopgraphy for the Web: @font-face in IE: Making Web Fonts Work We’re one step closer to ditching sIFR and Flir et al.

jQuery: how to tell if you’re scroll to bottom?

This is a question a jQuery user asked recently. It’s a simple question without a simple answer. There is no inverse equivalent to scrollTop=0 (i.e. scrollBottom=0) so the solution requires some thought. The scenario is this — we have a fixed height div with overflow:auto and we want to use JavaScript to programmatically scroll to […]

Barcamp Hong Kong

The second coming of Barcamp Hong Kong has arrived. I’m a bit late to the party because somehow I’ve been dropped off the mailing list — someone does not like me Anyway, do not fret! There is still one week left until the event so RSVP now!

JavaScript: Event Delegation

Recently, I’ve been hearing much about event delegation. Many new to this concept seem to be baffled by the term. However, it really is a simple idea when you realise what’s involved. Put simply, event delegation is the practice of directing events on parent DOM elements who then listen on their children for events. To […]


Jeremiah Owyang‘s post on Email Consumes Us gives us food for thought on the ever changing tide of communication. Email can become very unmanageable it seems; although only last year many were singing its praises saying that Email is the best invention and all good web applications basically mirror an Email architecture. So if Email […]