Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools

WebAIM recently released the WAVE Toolbar for Firefox, which augments their free online accessbility evaluation service, known as WAVE. WAVE is currently in version 4, much like Cynthia Says but with a focus on developer friendliness by overlaying results visually above the page you are testing. I think WAVE is a pretty cool idea. The […]

CSS Diagnostics

What is CSS diagnostics? It’s a method of applying styles to elements in your markup to catch standards compliance issues. A way of ensuring you don’t leave any serious accessibility holes and a visual deterrent for web authors editing pages with diagnostics switched on. Here are some resources I found useful in understanding the practicality […]

Total Eclipse

As a generalist I usually have to open multiple applications just to get work done; Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks/Image Ready, VS2005 and all major browsers are but a few apps in my developer toolbox I use frequently. Having multiple desktop applications open at the same time makes ctrl-tabbing frustrating—killing productivity. Development tools are usually very memory […]

Operator for Firefox 2

Operator is a Microformats detection toolbar for Firefox 2. The toolbar makes developing and using microformats much easier and more intuitive. You could export hCard data on any Microformatted page to standard vCard format by selecting it in the toolbar, no copy & paste necessary. And hCalendars could be exported in a similar fashion to […]

Free Favicon generators

I’m sure this is probably very old school news but I’ve only recently come across this free Favicon generator tool by DynamicDrive. It allows you to convert any image in either Gif, Jpeg and PNG formats, with transparency if required, into a proper icon.http://tools.dynamicdrive.com/favicon There are two more I haven’t tried yet but look good […]