The PNG Transparency Trap

Yesterday’s featured tutorial on was titled: Hacking transparent PNG support into IE6 with IE PNG Fix, CSS and jQuery by Brian Dillard. I wonder how this tutorial got onto Ajaxian as the topic is so much out of date. Ajaxian has always been a place of inspiration and a pit stop for the latest […]

Oops, stripped too early!

I’m sure no one noticed but Yelotofu got naked for about 1 hour today because the CSS Naked Day plugin I had installed last year thought today was the day to strip off! Well, this years’ CSS Naked Day will be held on the 9th of April. This time Yelotofu will be getting butt naked […]

IE8: Microsoft is listening

Wow, Microsoft actually listened to the out pour of the developer community with regards to IE8′s version targeting feature. IE8′s Standards Mode will now be the default: In light of the Interoperability Principles, as well as feedback from the community, we’re choosing differently. Now, IE8 will show pages requesting “Standards” mode in IE8’s Standards mode. […]

IE8 Version Targeting good for Browser Testing

If this is the first you’ve heard of Microsoft’s proposed version targeting feature for IE8 I highly recommend doing some read up on it as this is destined to affect every internet professional in some way or another. Go read Microsoft’s announcement, then these two ALA articles, Beyond DOCTYPE and it’s companion “From Switches to […]

7 Ways To Write “Better” HTML

BarCamp came and went, I’m still experiencing the aftermath; making new connections on Facebook daily and checking the BarCamp Hong Kong 2007 Flickr Group constantly for new photos! Anyway, It’s about time I catalogued my talk before it’s too late! The original presentation slide show was created with S5 (a standards compliant and accessible slide […]