Semantic URLs gone bad!?!

Semantic URLs, also known as Friendly URLs, are human readable URLs that would otherwise be a list of query string parameters with meaningless ID’s. Semantic URLs are a good thing but could it be too good to the point of turning bad? I’ve been mulling over the use of Semantics in URLs for a while. […]

Rediscovering the button element

I recently came across an article on about rediscovering the button element. This article takes you through an example of how the button element was used to deliver buttons that look exactly the same across all major browsers, including Safari 2. If you’re still using the input element for buttons then I’d recommend reading […]

Form Layout using Definition Lists

As you may well know, using a definition list (DL) to layout forms with labels and fields side-by-side could be a bit flaky at times; forms don’t seem to scale nicely and numerous layout problems could occur with dynamic content. Typical pitfalls are situations where a label or field takes up two or more lines […]

CSS Naked Day

In an effort to promote Web Standards, Yelotofu will be stripping off on April 5th for CSS Naked Day. There will be no CSS, no design, no supflourious layouts on this site to distract you from the content.To find out more take a look at the official CSS Naked Day ’07 site. Come on, join […]

What are Microformats?

To start with, here’s my stab at a Microformats definition:“Microformats are bits of code you add to your XHTML markup to define a piece of text and by doing so you make that bit of text semantic.” As you could see it doesn’t make much sense to the average punter. When I first looked into […]