On the AJAX bandwagon

I have been doing Ajax in minute proportions over the months but haven’t really got down to mastering the art. I don’t consider myself an Ajax expert but I get dis-heartened with often seeing the spaghetti code of supposedly AJAX professionals, making it virtually impossible to update their code without breaking something.At the moment I’m […]

Free Favicon generators

I’m sure this is probably very old school news but I’ve only recently come across this free Favicon generator tool by DynamicDrive. It allows you to convert any image in either Gif, Jpeg and PNG formats, with transparency if required, into a proper icon.http://tools.dynamicdrive.com/favicon There are two more I haven’t tried yet but look good […]

Quick tip: upload_tmp_dir on Win2k

If you are running PHP as a module on a Win2k server remember to set the upload_tmp_dir in your php.ini to a folder that allows the Anonymous Internet User read/write permissions. Otherwise you’d end up with 0.0 byte files when performing PHP uploads…By default the upload_tmp_dir is set to %windir%temp if no value is given. […]

@font-face reloaded

@font-face is W3C’s answer to font embedding. It was introduced as a CSS2 standard but later dropped in CSS2.1. You might remember the font embedding hype 2 or 3 years ago that just died off silently. The problem with @font-face at the time was the inconsistency of implementation across browsers, even the font type could […]

Infinite menus

After having so much fun with my drop down menus I did a search on the Web to see what others had to offer. I came across Infinite Menus by OpenCube. They have an impressive offering; 100% pure CSS driven and accessible with JavaScript used only for spicing things up, a visual interface for customizations […]