Avoiding Extreme Accessibility

Mike Cherim of Beast-blog.com has written a nice little article on Avoiding Extreme Accessibility. “Over-thinking, over-engineering, or going to extremes is rarely a good thing when acted upon. Moderation is the key. We’ve all fallen foul of over accessifying a website but with all good intensions, after all Accessibility is a good thing. Let’s turn […]

Beginning CakePHP

I’m finally taking the plunge into CakePHP. The Rails-like Rapid Development architecture has allured me for some time. However, on starting I immediately came across trivial questions such as how do I create static pages? how do I create an Admin area? how do I send HTML emails? etc etc… I stumbled upon the 21 […]

Clearing floats without added markup

When floating an element it is taken out of the document flow. As a result, anything containing the floated element does not take on its width or height. Like most developers, to overcome this problem I applied an extra clearing DIV below the floated element. But this isn’t ideal as it just added more unmeaningful […]