Findings from the 2007 Web Design Survey

Took a while but was well worth the wait, some interesting analysis has been made on the results. Go get it!


  1. Roy at

    Hello, ?? web standard hong kong ??????,

    ??????blog???2007 Web Design Survey,


    ?????? :)

  2. caphun at

    Hi Roy,

    Thanks for commenting, eventhough most of it came up as "????" I read your post using Google translator. :)

    Your analysis of the percentage split of ethnicity is interesting. The UK are doing the same with this data since the ALA report is more geared to the US in general.

    Lets wait and see what interesting analysis the industry will come up with in the coming months!

    I totally agree that we have some way to go with Web Standards in Hong Kong. Though at the pace Hong Kongers work it will spread like wildfire before we know it!