Django 1.0 released!

Wohoo! OK, maybe not as big as Chrome but Django 1.0 released yesterday! Django is a brilliant Python Web framework designed to make our lives easier. Django takes DRY to its extreme and comes with myraids of documentation including an online book! Django is like Lego, first you start with many dispersed pieces; you then […]

Google Chrome

As you may have heard Google Chrome (Chrome) went live yesterday. The Chrome team also released a comic explaining some of the innovations and ideas around Chrome. After installing Chrome the first impression I got was it’s a very slim-line and compact browser. The UI reflects this totally. There isn’t the usual File menu above […]

Barcamp Hong Kong

The second coming of Barcamp Hong Kong has arrived. I’m a bit late to the party because somehow I’ve been dropped off the mailing list — someone does not like me Anyway, do not fret! There is still one week left until the event so RSVP now! website redesign

The long overdue redesign of has finally landed! I like the new design as it’s more intuitive and inline with jQuery UI’s design. This redesign will certainly help pitch jQuery to new comers; for many the decision to go with another framework has purely been based on the ugliness of the old jQuery website, […]