Rails-like PHP Framework

There are two Rails-like PHP frameworks gaining momentum and amounting a zealous following, both of which have recently gone stable.Symfony and CakePHP, written in pure PHP follow the same MVC (Model, View, Constroller) architecture found on Rails. They’ve gone at lengths to make it easy and intuitive to use and provide scaffolding tools, buit-in AJAX […]

RoR & SVN cross-platform development

In a normal development environment you’re likely to have developers working on different OS platforms to your server or in some cases, especially with remote working, you’d have developers working on different OS platforms to each other. With RoR this is probably more so as most developers I know use WindowsXP as their preferred development […]

Learning Ruby

For a recent project I had to learn RoR (Ruby on Rails). After looking into this whole new arena to web development I am very impressed by its rapid web development framework. Honestly, you can quickly create a prototype application in just a few lines of code! Here are a few resources I found useful […]