Happy Birthday Google Chrome!

Wow, it’s been a year already? Time certainly flies when you’re having fun! It seems the Google Chrome team have been hard at work! They’ve finally made a version of Google Chrome for Mac and Linux which you could download from the Dev channel. Had a quick test and found Print and Application shortcuts haven’t […]

The story behind Google Chrome

Niall Kennedy tells us the story behind Google Chrome. A fascinating read and interesting karma behind staff hires and acquisitions that made Chrome possible. Whether by chance or calculation it is a Win win situation for all of us!

Google Chrome

As you may have heard Google Chrome (Chrome) went live yesterday. The Chrome team also released a comic explaining some of the innovations and ideas around Chrome. After installing Chrome the first impression I got was it’s a very slim-line and compact browser. The UI reflects this totally. There isn’t the usual File menu above […]

Browser testing: How do you do it?

Andy Clarke, the author of Transcending CSS, started an interesting discussion on CSS Browser Testing Order. It’s surprising how we more or less test in the same order. I place Windows XP first though as I’m primarily a windows user and my clients are usually on Windows too.My CSS browser testing order Firefox / Opera […]

Proof that IE6 is crap

I have more than often had to fire-up IE6 out from the “un-loved” software repository to get kicked right back in the face with weird CSS bugs. I believe those reading this must be aware of at least one CSS quirk in the IE6 browser. For example, the PNG Alpha Transparency bug, fixed by Microsoft’s […]