OT: Technology – Blessing or Woe?

Technological advances in human history is something to marvel and be proud of. From the first wheel to the first car; from winged bicycles to grand passenger aircrafts; from the Tower of Babel to the Burj Khalifa,┬áman has reached high and low, far and wide – aiming for perfection. These advances obviously bring with it […]

Reverse Inline Editing

I want to throw this out there as I’m wondering if anyone is interested in a different approach to making HTML elements editable… I recently wrote some code that does the reverse of what my existing inlineEdit plugin does. i.e. it starts of as a form input element and turns into a placeholder on load. […]

HowTo: Revert local changes in Git

Found this answer on Stack Overflow very useful, so thought I’d share it here: If you want to revert changes made to your working copy, do this: git checkout . If you want to revert changes made to the index (i.e., that you have added), do this: git reset If you want to revert a […]

How to get Fancybox 1.3.1 to stay put!

I recently had a need to use a Fixed position overlay and found that Fancybox breaks if I set #fancybox-wrap to position:fixed. I believe the centerOnScroll option was supposed to solve this problem by recalculating the absolute position of #fancybox-wrap upon scrolling. The problem with this approach is that the overlay ‘shudders’ or ‘feels jumpy’ […]

Zend Server CE and Snow Leopard Problem

There’s a compatibility issue with the Java Bridge in Zend Server CE which results in failure of the ZendServer admin interface. A temporary fix could be found at http://forums.zend.com/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=1115 I found this out the hard way – reinstalled and digged the internals before realizing it was a compatibility issue. I hope the Zend guys fix […]