The PNG Transparency Trap

Yesterday’s featured tutorial on was titled: Hacking transparent PNG support into IE6 with IE PNG Fix, CSS and jQuery by Brian Dillard. I wonder how this tutorial got onto Ajaxian as the topic is so much out of date. Ajaxian has always been a place of inspiration and a pit stop for the latest […]

WordPress 2.5 Released!

Codenamed “Brecker”, is a milestone release with a tone of improvements. They have totally revamped the Admin area. It looks much slicker now and the publishing process feels much more pleasant, it wasn’t even bad before! But it has improved ten-folds with more Web 2.0 goodness. I’m especially excited about the new stuff they have […]

Web design podcasts

Boagworld have a Web design podcasts directory which looks very good. It includes most of my current playlist and much much more. You should go check it out, make sure to read the comments too as I have no doubt you’d find some hidden gems there.I’m totally hooked on podcasts, it’s a really easy way […]

My Podcast list

This is my Podcast list on the topics of Web standards, Accessibility, Usability and Best practice which I’m a frequent listener: .net magazine Boagworld Dustin Diaz Web Axe WSG SXSW The WSG and SXSW Podcasts are basically recordings of conference presentations, perfect for those who missed the event or live too far to trek the […]

Infinite menus

After having so much fun with my drop down menus I did a search on the Web to see what others had to offer. I came across Infinite Menus by OpenCube. They have an impressive offering; 100% pure CSS driven and accessible with JavaScript used only for spicing things up, a visual interface for customizations […]